What is your heARTS desire? To learn to play the violin? To belly dance? To paint? The Black Mountain Center for the Arts offers a variety of classes.  Be sure to check back frequently as our classes do change throughout the year.




Learn Local at the Arts Center!!

download our class schedule:FALL 2016 Classes

Junior Appalachian Musicians

(J.A.M.) JAM Session 2016/2017

Know a kid who may want to learn traditional music with us? Invite them to join us on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 each week during the school year.  We teach old time fiddle, banjo and guitar in a fun group setting at affordable fees! Amazing instructors:  Cary Fridley, Ben Nelson and Hannah Seng. Home-schoolers are welcome! This is great arts enrichment.  Public-schoolers (3rd-9th grades):  Owen district bus will drop you at our door!   Instrument rental available. It’s never too late to join. Call 828-669-0930

Sign up for the 2016/2017 JAM session ANYTIME!

Session One: 14 weeks Sept 7- Dec 14, 2016  $140 payable in two parts

Eventbrite - Junior Appalachian Musicians (J.A.M.) Session

Session Two: 20 weeks Jan- May, 2017  $200 payable in two parts


Harp Lessons with Sue Richards

Come join a multi-generational “Try it Free” group lesson on October 25th at 3:30. Anyone aged 7 and up who is interested in trying the Celtic harp should pre-register for this group lesson by calling the Arts Center at 669-0930. Richards teaches students of all ages and abilities, and welcomes anyone interested in Celtic repertoire. She teaches the traditional way, by ear, with music given out later. Harps will be available for students to play at this free lesson.

Acclaimed Celtic Harpist Sue Richards is offering instruction in the ancient stringed instrument at the Arts Center on Tuesdays. The fee for a 45-minute lesson will be $50.   Classes vary per Sue’s touring schedule. Lucky us!

“I’m so happy to be able to offer lessons here,” Richards said. “I’ve gotten a positive response from potential students and look forward to teaching students who are new to the harp and those with experience who want to improve their technique.”

Richards recently moved to Fairview from Washington, DC and fits lesson in between her busy performance schedule. As a child she studied classical harp at Oberlin College and Ohio State University. Then she turned to the Irish and Scottish music of her heritage and never looked back. She won the American National Scottish Harp Championship four times; she has played for Presidents Clinton and Bush, Queen Elizabeth of England, and sat in with the Chieftains Irish band.

She currently teaches and directs the harp program at the Ohio Scottish Arts School at Oberlin, and has taught and performed at most of the major small-harp festivals in the US. She has many recordings and books of arrangements and original tunes to her credit. Richards also plays and tours with Ensemble Galilei, a group of five musicians performing multi-media concerts commissioned by the National Geographic Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Richards has taught students of all ages and abilities, and welcomes anyone interested in Celtic repertoire. She teaches the traditional way, by ear, with music given out later. Students must own or have access to a harp, but can use Sue’s second harp at lessons.

The Arts Center welcomes Sue Richards to the mountains and is flattered that she will be using its facility for her teaching base.



Yoga in Motion

Taught by Viniyoga Instructor Renate Rikkers.

Two times for ongoing classes: Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30pm or Friday mornings from 9:00 to 10:30 am.  Improve your posture, balance, and strength through the practice of yoga. Some yoga experience is necessary. If you have questions or want to register, call Renate directly at 828/298-9988.

Weekly Drawing & Painting Classes

Weekly Painting Classes with Bob Travers. Art classes with this nationally recognized artist are designed for students ages 12 through adult, beginner through advanced. Lessons are fun and informative while tailored to meet the needs of each individual student according to their level of knowledge and experience. Using a step by step process, students learn the fundamentals of drawing, design, composition, contrast and perspective to add depth and dimension into their work while learning the basics of working with color, technique, brush manipulation and more, so that each student can develop their own style from realism to the abstract in mediums such as graphite, oil, pen & ink, pastels, watercolors, scratch board and mixed media. Subject matter includes but is not limited to landscape, wildlife, still life, abstract, portraits and more.                       www.BobTraversArt.com  

Class schedule:

Mondays 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Tuesdays 10:00 am-12:00 pm/1:00pm-3:00 pm/3:30 pm-5:30 pm

this class is facilitated by the instructor. Contact Bob directly through his website or by calling 828-776-6376.


Ballet Classes are offered from preschool to adult. Instructor Casey Kristofferson LittleJohn is a member of the Asheville Ballet. She is a certified Cecchetti ballet instructor. Required attire: ballet slippers + leotard & tights for females; leggings + white tee for males. Kids ballet classes are on Saturday mornings and Adult ballet classes are on Monday and Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Please call 828/669-0930 for more information.

Ballet Studio with 

 Casey Kristofferson LittleJohn

download  ballet studio schedule: ballet 2016

Eventbrite - Ballet Studio, October 2016

Pre-ballet and Ballet for ages 3-7 year olds on Saturdays

Open Cecchetti for pre-teen to adults Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Introducing  Alicia Almaguer PRIVATE PIANO

Now offering private piano lessons to all ages on Monday and Wednesday 

To schedule a lesson, please contact the Arts Center at 828-669-0930.

Fees vary based on the length of lesson time and the number of lessons per month. Discounts are offered for multiple in families.

Almaguer received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Montreat College in 2006. She has been teaching music since 2004. She teaches both classical and modern approaches to learning the piano. According to Almaguer, classical instruction involves learning to read music in the traditional format, music theory, and eventually learning great classical pieces or variations. A modern approach will teach students how to read chording, in the process they will also learn music theory, and students will be able to play popular pieces quickly by applying modern chord principles.

“I enjoy teaching both styles because I feel the student can benefit from learning both methods, and it also keeps it exciting learning two different ways to approach reading and playing music.”

 She is also offering Wunderkeys- Piano for Preschoolers (ages 3-5). The gift of getting a head start in music, math, and life, Wunderkeys is a unique approach to introducing the preschooler to piano and music concepts, changes up activities every few minutes to keep your little one engaged and excited, and provides foundations in math and other concepts giving your child a jump ahead! Countless studies display the positive power of learning music for the developing brain.

Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qi Gong

Introducing instructor Mela Carreira who will teach this moving meditation on  Fridays from 11:30am to 12:30pm. The cost of the class is $50 monthly or $15 for a drop in.

Qi Gong, or “energy work,” is a powerful form of internal exercise and meditation.  Silk Reeling Spiral Power Qi Gong is a special set of spiraling movements designed to gently relax the muscles, integrate the body, and open up the energy pathways. Through Qi Gong, standing meditation and circle walking, practitioners improve health, vitality, and clarity of mind from the inside out.  Mela, a student and assistant instructor to Master Frank J. Paolillo of the Tao Institute, has been practicing martial arts for 14 years and teaching since 2006. Beginners and drop ins are welcome.

Dance Classes with Amy Maze

There’s no reason to drive into Asheville to get your groove on.  Amy Maze, popular dance teacher and choreographer, is offering  high-energy dance classes! Classes fill quickly so please call to pre-register.

All classes are an hour long and cost $40 a month. 

Attire: comfortable clothes, clean-soled sneakers, bare feet or black slip-on jazz shoes.

BOYS ONLY  Dance Class  Monday 5-6 pm

NO GIRLS ALLOWED! This boys only class is a great way for your dancer to feel confident and comfortable while learning. The class will focus on hip-hop and add touches of break dancing and acrobatics. It is the perfect  activity to let loose and have fun.

Intermediate Dance (ages 8-11) 

             Monday 4:00-5:00 pm OR Tuesday 3:30-4:30

Now there are even more chances to dance! This class is open to all dancers ages 8 to 11. It is a mix of contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and musical theatre dance styles. Each style will build your dancer’s strength, coordination, flexibility, and creativity while learning basic dance skills. Intermediate dancers from Monday class who would like to switch to Tuesday, please contact the office.

Kids in Motion (ages 3-4) 

             Tuesday 4:30-5:30 OR Thursday 3:30-4:30 pm 

This  class will combine creative movement and basic acrobatics to keep your little one moving. Helps develop motor coordination, increase spatial and rhythmic awareness, and to help provide a positive learning experience. The program includes creative moving taught through rhyme, games, props, and development of basic concepts like rhythm, directionality, perception, and memory. This class will improve coordination, increase flexibility, but most importantly it is fun for all!

Beginning Dance (ages 5-7)  Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm

This up-beat class will alternate hip hop with contemporary dance, which is influenced by jazz and modern styles. Contemporary dance allows freedom of movement and expression and focuses on telling a story through dance. This class will build your dancer’s strength, coordination, flexibility, and creativity while learning basic dance skills.

Teen Dance Class  (Ages 12 and up) Monday 6:00-7:00 pm 

Whether you have had previous experience or this is your first dance class ever, the focus is to keep dancers moving while having fun and building new skills.  Each class will alternate between hip hop contemporary, jazz and musical theater styles dance styles, beginning with a warm up and ending with a combination of the latest moves to today’s most popular music. This class begins with a warm up and ends with a combination. This is a great chance to experience multiple dance styles all  in one class setting.

Dance Troupe ( Ages 7+)  Thursday 5:30-6:30pm 

$30 Monthly fee plus small costume allowance

Eventbrite - Contemporary Dance for Children, October 2016
Dancer must be enrolled in a regular class to be eligible to participate in the BMCA Dance Troupe.  Gives dancers performance opportunities in the community and extends their skills. Enrollment in Dance Troupe begins in September.

Amy was a performer with the Walt Disney World Corporation and held dancing roles in parades and shows such as Festival Of The Lion KingSpectromagic, and Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle.  She was also a member of the modern dance company Soul Play as a principal dancer and guest choreographer.  Call 828/669-0930 to register!



Pottery Classes: 2-hour classes are available at various times Mon.-Thursday.  Fee is $135 for 6-weeks, which includes Open Studio practice times, plus a $50 Lab fee that covers 25 lbs. of clay, glazing & firing. Classes every six weeks. Instructors: Geoff Bird, Charles Freeland and Mathilda Tanner. Registration Deadline is 2 days prior to first class.  Independent Study option is available for experienced potters who need no instruction – application necessary.  $80 monthly. Clay not included.

Eventbrite - Pottery Classes


For more information call 669-0930 

For more detailed information about the CLAY STUDIO CLASSES and OPEN STUDIO times, please click here.



Come join Deborah Sinclair with assistance from Connie Hurst (both of whom recently performed in the successful production of The Dixie Swim Club with the Front Porch Theatre) and explore the art of acting. Cost for the six-week class is $90. If you are interested in  “Acting as an Art Form” please call 828-669-0930 to be added to the list. See our Theater page for more information.